HighDroGro and HDG Your Indoor Garden Solutions

Enjoy the freedom to grow your own with indoor garden solutions from HDG, as well as watch your Reptiles thrive in an environment you customize inside our HDG tents.

As part of our roadmap, to handle the diverse products and markets we serve, HighDroGro will be sold under the banner of HDG. Through HDG we will serve both the Indoor Reptile Enclosure and Indoor Garden Solutions markets. This will allow our vision to service both of these markets with tents and accessories under one umbrella. The HighDroGro brand name is niched as a cannabis tent brand which is far from where we are now.

On the gardening side we are expanding from Grow tents into LED lights that are sized to our tent line and will provide the best light coverage and maximize the benefits of our “white wall” design. Click here for more detail around the comparison between white and silver interior walls.

In addition to the lights, we have a full range of gardening accessories such as fabric grow bags, Inline fans and carbon filters to name a few.
Click here for full list and details.
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Easy to set up

  • No tools required
  • Two primary steps to build your tent
  • Assemble snap together Tent Frame
  • Unfold tent unzip all zippers
  • Place bottom of frame inside bottom of the tent
  • Drape tent over the top of the frame, zip it up
  • The kit needs a screw driver for one step
  • As shown, it’s best with a friend (but not req’d)

Full assembly instruction videos in RESOURCES/ASSEMBLY VIDEOS section.

Beautiful, Sturdy, Durable… welcome to the new look of professional level indoor garden solutions!

The white material used by HDG is about 97% reflective. This material diffuses the light by refracting it in a lambertian pattern, creating a smooth pattern over the canopy.

HDG = 16% more uniform light distribution resulting in less hot/cold spots

Click here to review an Independent Light Study


Our 4×4 & 5×5 Grow tents will capture the imagination! We are the first to provide 3 full doors and 3 vinyl windows

Patent Pending

…and now we begin to carve our space in the top tier Grow Tent arena. Our 4X4 and 5X5 cross the bridge that was built by our wildly successful 3X5 tent called the “XL”. The XL allowed the new home grower to expand another step closer to pro-grower caliber (in size). And for the pro-growers who have been watching these new “home version” tent kits burst onto the scene, the XL was just big enough make the purchase worthwhile, and this way they could get their hands on this beautiful new design and approach to tents.

The surprise was, the pro-growers fell in love with the size of the XL. That 3X5 foot print made the whole tent more interesting. It doesn’t take up the room space as a big square 5X5, the windows were captivating, and the cleanliness of the white walls was so refreshing and a big winner. HighDroGro had opened an unexpected door into the grower community.

But across the bridge from home grower to breeders and pro-growers, the 4×4 and 5×5 begin to whet that appetite. We listened to a lot of growers during the 17 trade shows we attended in 2018, and we heard, we would die for more doors, more access and more visibility. Our 4×4 and 5×5 not just meet but exceed those requests.
Our unique design continues to showcase our desire to give you more access and more visibility! HDG your indoor garden solutions!
HDG Indoor Garden Solutions

HDG offers indoor garden solutions: Which tent is right for you?

Primary consideration when shopping for a tent is… Location, Location, Location!

  • How much space do you have to allocate to your garden?
  • Our tents are designed to fit beautifully into your living space.
  • From our smallest 2’x3′ “SBox” to our largest 5’x5′ “HDG55” we have a size to fit your space, and with our muted grey exterior our tents fit comfortably in your kitchen, family room, game room or a bedroom.
  • If you don’t have a space constraint next consideration might be how many plants do you plan to grow. If your plans include growing cannabis, check the feature descriptions in the product pages to see plant quantity estimates. Of course, always be aware of legal plant maximums in your state.

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“Embrace the freedom to grow your own with HDG indoor garden solutions!”